financial planning

Services that align with your unique journey.

Your life is constantly is motion and your financial plan should be too. Dynamic financial planning keeps your finances up to date with your life and goals. Together, we build and keep momentum for the long run while providing accountability and serving as your financial coach.

Cash flow planning
Debt payoff strategy
Tax planning
Employee benefits planning
Financial independence
Estate planning
College savings
Insurance & risk review

Are you a sole proprietor, single-member LLC, independent contractor, or micro business owner? We understand the challenges you have when it comes to operating a business and entrepreneurship. You wear many hats, and we are here to help you optimize your business, plan cash flows, reduce and pay taxes, manage risks, and create wealth.

Our business planning services include: 

Entity analysis
Tax planning & asset protection
Owner's pay analysis
Real estate analysis
Retirement plan analysis
Insurance planning
Exit planning + personal planning
Cash flow planning & projections

Getting paid in equity is a great feeling. Trying to figure out taxes and knowing when to sell? Not so great. We help tech professionals and anyone receiving equity compensation from their employer manage it effectively.

Tax planning
Sell scenarios
AMT analysis
FIRE planning
Risk tolerance review
Goal planning
Investment planning
Insurance review

You don’t need to have a big pile of money for us to manage investments. We do not have minimums. Investment management is offered as a separate service from financial planning. Comprehensive financial planning is included for savers with more than $400,000 under management. If you want us to manage less than $400,000 and would like both financial planning and investment management, you will receive a reduced rate.

Custom portfolios
Your money deserves more than a templated approach. Your goals are unique and the way that you invest should be too.
Rebalancing & Tax-loss harvesting
To keep you on track, we buy & sell investments when necessary to take advantage of opportunities.
Risk evaluation
All types of investing require risk - the question is how much are you comfortable taking?
The Kinetix Investment Philosophy
Your investments are a catalyst to creating and growing wealth. Investing is about time in the market not about timing the market. We build your investment portfolio for the long run, not as market timers. In the short term, investors can encounter many risks that can hinder their portfolios: volatile markets, bad news, fake news, investor emotions, and the inability to construct an efficient portfolio. We can control how we allocate investments, but we cannot control the markets. Our professional portfolio management services allow you to focus on what you can control and not make costly mistakes at the sacrifice of your goals.
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